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Creating a more resilient public health
supply chain.
Providing sustainability and access.
Key locations for product warehousing and

Tailored Global Procurement and Distribution

A Women-Owned Business (WBENC-certified), Atlantic Trading LLC is a premier supplier of high-quality regulatory-compliant Medical/Surgical Supplies (including PPE), having highly specialized sourcing and logistics capabilities. Atlantic offers robust product volumes that meet both the public and private sector’s needs with quality, speed and strict compliance, and we are capable and committed to provide the best quality products in the shortest timeframe. With a successful proven track record, Atlantic continues on to ensure secure industry access, ready mobilization, and agile distribution of healthcare supplies are available to our customers at all times. (See the DoD Press Release that highlights one of our recent work supporting the Presidential Initiative of 500 Million At-Home Test Kits combating the Covid-19 pandemic:

Atlantic strives to bring better products and a better customer service experience to market so that you can focus on what matters to you. Our AtlanticMed focuses on curated medical devices and responsive customer service experience to improve accessibility and healthcare outcomes, to make life better for our customers. As a second area of focus, Atlantic operates in the agricultural sector, combining our regulatory expertise and industry insights to provide a ready marketplace for the export of agricultural products, meat and poultry.  Our group of distributors and producers are prepared for increased global protein demand and we provide a resilient supply chain to reliably meet your goals.

Highly specialized in global procurement (with an added highlight in Made-In-America products) and distribution for both the governmental and the commercial sectors, Atlantic applies advanced data analytics and methodology to bring the best quality products to market. We work directly with the world’s largest and most capable manufacturers as authorized distributors, and respond in real time to market challenges with ready production and logistics capability that ensures order fulfillment. Our global team members are prepared to deliver based on deep industry expertise and passion for helping those in need.

• Strict regulatory compliance and unwavering commitment to quality
Authorized distributor of best-quality manufacturers for global procurement
Upstream wholesale distribution and downstream endpoint marketers
Trusted networks, verified suppliers, Made-In-America highlight
Large volumes, satisfactory fulfillment

01. Global Market Reach


World-wide access

02. Industry Expertise


Leads with deep knowledge of industry

03. Advanced Analytics


Data-based decision making paired with real-time market feedback



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Our manufacture and supply of medical products





At Atlantic Trading we use our proprietary distribution networks to provide our customers with the greatest ROI.

We value informed decision-making, and use our data and platform to expand market reach and get things done for our customers.

People are the heartbeat, information is the oxygen of our business, and commitment to our clients makes us who we are. Our team of globally-based professionals share common values to forge authentic partnerships to get your needs met.

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